Thursday, August 14, 2014

Delibrio Animosus

Latin is a wonderful language - dead, to be sure - so rich in nuance that I wish it were more accessible.  Take, for instance, this phrase:  Delibrio Animosus.  "Live with purpose" is one loose translation.  Be deliberate.  Have purpose.  Make choices that are well-thought out and that allow for growth in life.

Because I am a writer - and a teacher - I tend to do things deliberately because my time is at a premium.  Lately, deadlines and first drafts and workshops and life have been piling up and I've had to choose to let some things go.  This blog will be the among first; I love sharing my thoughts but I seriously am lacking the time to do it justice.  Therefore, this is farewell, at least for the time being.

Remember:  Keep reading, keep writing, and 'delibrio animosus'.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Sometimes Life Imitates Art

After my most recent foray into Ray Bradbury's 'Fahrenheit 451', I've decided the man was a prophet, pure and simple.  Even the densest reader can make the connection between Guy Montag's futuristic society and our own:  With ear buds (Bradbury called them 'sea shells' for the ears) and flat screened televisions (he called them 'parlor walls'), the man knew a dangerous trend when he saw one.  His message?  Don't abandon personal relationships for technology.

We took some of the grands to the local zoo not too long ago and witnessed a very disturbing sight: Two little boys, unhappily trailing their parents, both of whom were glued to the screens of cell phones.  I felt so badly for those boys.  Who will model interpersonal conversational skills for them?  Not their parents, that's for certain!

Before you shake your head and tell me that's just the way of today's society, I invite you to get comfy and read.  May I suggest 'Fahrenheit 451'?  Let's talk when you've finished it.