Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Just Say Thanks...

We've all heard it before:  When someone compliments  you, just say 'thank you'.  And I know this.  Why is it so difficult, then, for me to accept positive feedback?  (I'm talking to everyone, not just to writers.)

The other day I ran into someone who I know marginally: We've met before but aren't buddies.  Imagine my reaction - remember I have issues with compliments- when she whips out her smart phone bad points to one of my books that she downloaded via her Kindle ap.  I found myself looking over her shoulder for a savior which, by the way, appeared in the form of someone take who I know only slightly.  I made my excuses and hot the heck out of Dodge.

I thought about it later and was ashamed of my reaction.  After all, she said wonderful things about the book, the characters, the plot.  I should've been doing a happy dance right there!  Instead, I lost an opportunity to put into practice what I tried to drill into my childrens' heads.

I've decided that if the chance ever comes my way again, I shall smile, nod my head graciously, and say 'thank you'.  And then I'll hightail it out of there.

Keep reading, friend.

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