Thursday, August 14, 2014

Delibrio Animosus

Latin is a wonderful language - dead, to be sure - so rich in nuance that I wish it were more accessible.  Take, for instance, this phrase:  Delibrio Animosus.  "Live with purpose" is one loose translation.  Be deliberate.  Have purpose.  Make choices that are well-thought out and that allow for growth in life.

Because I am a writer - and a teacher - I tend to do things deliberately because my time is at a premium.  Lately, deadlines and first drafts and workshops and life have been piling up and I've had to choose to let some things go.  This blog will be the among first; I love sharing my thoughts but I seriously am lacking the time to do it justice.  Therefore, this is farewell, at least for the time being.

Remember:  Keep reading, keep writing, and 'delibrio animosus'.

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