Monday, December 8, 2014

She's Baaack!

After a hiatus of nearly four months, I'm back and blogging!  Of course, the impetus was a chance to be a part of a virtual cookie blog with fellow writers, so I decided to put pen to paper - or fingers to keyboard - and reintroduce myself.

Since I last blogged, I've acquired a lovely American agent/publisher:  The great Gemma Halliday!  (Check out her website at  She is a best-selling author in her own right and a lovely person as well.  Give her some love!

Back to cookies:  I've been thinking about different recipes that I relate to this wonderful time of the year.  I've come up with a few, including the infallible Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies, peppermint sugar cookies, and almond biscotti.  I'll need to do some thinking before I'm 'tagged' tomorrow.  Check back and see who I'll tag next:  It might just be one of your favorite authors!

Keep writing.

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