Monday, June 9, 2014

There's Nothing Like a Nap

One of my earliest memories is nap time, lying on my mom and dad's big bed and declaring myself wide awake.  My mom's response went something like this:  whatever you do, don't close your eyes.  I thought that awesome, of course, until suddenly she was shaking my shoulder and telling me that it was almost time for dinner.  Apparently all I needed was to sleep on things (LOL) to realize that yes indeed, I needed a nap.  Reverse psychology had always been a mom's best friend, hasn't it?

Lest you misunderstand me, this is not a plug for NOT encouraging that young artist or athlete or writer in whom talent is apparent.  Quite the opposite, in fact (pun clearly intended here).  In fact, your kindness and belief in them and their product might be the encouragement in their lives while the others around them voice negativity.  So buy that drawing at your local school's art show and applaud like crazy at the next track and field event in your town.  Your support might be the boost needed to get over the wall of disbelief and straight into a life of fulfillment.

And yes, I did what I promised I would do in my last blog.  I thought about it and decided that I write  for me and no one else.  That if my books are read is not the point but the fact that I held into a dream that eventually grew skin and became real.   So don't give up.  Don't let yourself down.

And keep reading.

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